Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Postura Project

If you've been following me on Twitter or Instagram, you would have known that I recently took on a fun challenge spearheaded by the guys at Postura Project. The quest? "To get Filipinos to start wearing something Filipino everyday."

Methinks it's a brilliant idea, and the 30-day challenge to jump-start the mission is simply the perfect springboard! I just had to support it! On the same day I learned of it, I plunged into the challenge. I love being Pinoy and I adore the things our hands are able to create! :)

I started on February 23 (my son turned 18 months old that day) and I will go all the way til March 23. By hook or by crook! :P

Today is Day 7, and what I wore has got to be one of my favorites so far:

Dark grey coverup by KIMONO. Denims by BENCH. Owl accessory from the YABANG PINOY BAZAAR.

I love love looooooove that coverup! When I'm too lazy to think of an outfit, I just throw it on top of a white strappy top and like magic, I feel pretty... or at least, like I actually took time to put my look together :) Simple lang, pero hindi mukhang patapon. Uh, right? *awkward smile*

Anyway, Day 6 is also post-worthy (I think :P).

Blueberry Jellybean by KANDI TREATS. Salmon top with blue print by... I forgot the brand (it has no tag!) but I am 100% sure it's Pinoy made! I got it from the Megatent Bazaar.
Here are my runners-up!

Day 5: Scarf by QITO (at Yabang Pinoy Bazaar). Jade ring by BABAYLAN TREASURES. (Not in photo: denims by BENCH)
Day 3: Handcrafted jade bracelet by BABAYLAN TREASURES. Turquoise pendant by the nice ladies at a tiangge :)
In the 7 days I've been doing this, I realized I had so many pretty things that are Filipino-made. In fact, ALL my denims are local -- all BENCH! And what's more, the best accessories I have are hand-crafted by my fellow Pinoys! How great is that?! In my opinion, we have so much potential with our handmade stuff. The artistry that goes with each item, each detail is just wonderfully impressive. I really hope we can capitalize on that instead of producing (and patronizing) cheap knock-offs!

I have 21 more days to go. I must confess, it gets exciting to plan my clothes, shoes, and accessories for the day. But of course, that's just the icing on the cake...

The cake being, loving local and looking good in it :)

Join the 30-Day Wear Something Filipino Challenge by Postura Project! You don't need to go out in full local outfit. By all means, don your Zaras, Forever21s, MNGs, and what-have-you's -- just make sure to throw in something Filipino (even just one piece!). And be proud of it :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

BFFs and Proposals

Earlier this year, over the span of 2 weeks, 2 of my bestest friends in the whole wide world got engaged to their loves. Even if I try, I can't tell you how genuinely happy I am for them!

Patty said yes on New Year's Eve, in a glow-in-the-dark DIY proposal that has gotten so many hits on YouTube already. I won't go into the details of the event -- I feel that the storytelling should be reserved for the bride and groom. I will also not gush about Patrick, her fiance, because Patty has a blog for that already. Hehehe.

Eight days later, Chesa got her own bling amidst lush greens at a Mactan resort. I had known about Gian's plan a week before and it took all of my self-control not to talk to Chesa that week for fear that I might slip. Ang bilis pa naman ng pick-up ng babaeng yon. As with Patty, this post is not to announce how wonderful Gian is (albeit he really is) and how sweet the proposal went -- Chesa has more words in her vocabulary to tell that story. Hehe.

So, sorry, this isn't about the love they share with their lovey-doveys.

This is about the love between girlfriends. (Insert *awwwww*)

I met these two at vastly different points of my life -- Patty when I was in 1st grade and Chesa when I was in my 1st year of law practice.

Grade 1! I'm the little girl with big hair na parang alalay nung naka-upong prinsesa sa gitna. Patty is the girl with unkempt untied ribbon standing at the far right.
On one of our many work lunches together, 2009 :)
In that sense, hindi ko alam kung sinong mas swerte sakanila. Patty who has had me as a friend since a kid but suffered the visual pain of my almost-forever ugly duckling stage? Or Chesa, who was spared that horror and befriended a version of me na ume-effort nang maging presentable? Hahaha. Oh well. Kanya-kanya silang tiis saakin.

But while the circumstances of our beginnings couldn't be more different, with these two, I've always felt that there have been years, possibly a lifetime, between us already. My theory is that they were my sisters in my past life. So the affection, trust, and the inexplicable "gaan ng loob" are all there with absolutely zero pretentious effort.

They are why I treasure having girlfriends :)

I had only one prayer for these two, and that was for them to find the men who will adore them and appreciate their worth and value. Everything else was gravy. (But of course, I still always prayed for lots of gravy! :P)

So when they got engaged to their respective dashing darlings, I was -- very possibly -- the person outside their families to be over-the-top ecstatic. Walang biro, feeling ko ako mismo o kapatid ko ang ikakasal. You know when you're so happy and your mind just couldn't process it well and you just cram it with the standard, "I'm so happy!!!", even though it really doesn't sum it up that well? Parang ganung level. With Chesa, since I learned about the planned proposal before it was executed, I can safely say that I cried tears of joy WAY BEFORE she did! Ang OA, right? See, that's why kanya-kanya talaga silang tiis sa akin. Hahaha.

The happiness stems from knowing we all wanted to get married someday, and the Lord made it beautiful for my friends by preparing Gian for Chesa and Pat for Patty :) Congrats you guys!!!

I can't wait for the weddings!!! :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One Night

My hyperactive toddler was unusually wide awake at 10pm. We had retreated to our bedroom a good hour and half before. Since then, he refused to stay put on the bed, and preferred walking around and turning our room upside down.

Every time I asked him if he wanted to sleep yet, he'd answer me with a definite "no".

After many rounds of enticing him to climb up the bed and just listen to our bedtime story, I finally got so tired myself and used my final card: Elmo. Hindi matitiis ng anak ko si Elmo!

Me: Jaden, Elmo is sleepy already. Maybe you should both go to sleep now.

Jaden: Mommy, no.

Me: But Elmo's sleepy...

Jaden appeared to think about this. He then proceeds to the bed, gets Elmo, puts the red toy on his pillow, and kisses him goodnight.

Then he goes back to the floor to resume playing.

Natameme ako ;)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun at Timezone

At almost 18 months old, Jaden is enthralled exploring the world outside our home. He absolutely loves going out! We call him "Mr. Pasyal". I think he likes the monicker because he'd always echo "pa-sha!".

We make it a point to take him out once a week. Weekends are for his Wowos and Wowas, so there's a real effort to free one weekday afternoon just for Jaden, Julz, and me. Normally, we'd go to Gymboree or the nearby malls. Lately, he is most psyched when we visit Timezone.

Yes. My 1 year old son is already fascinated with the world of arcades and games. Good luck talaga saamin. (But in fairness, mas mura dun kesa sa Gymboree! Haha)

Take note, though, that this boy doesn't like the usual kiddie rides. He gets bored! What truly gets his delightful screams is this:
Basketball games!
He can spend one whole hour doing this! No matter how bright the lights of the other games are, he'd always choose the shoot-the-ball games. The rule is, when there's no ball involved, FORGET IT! So yung mga zap the lamok games? Zero appeal, guaranteed!
Jaden: "More of this, daddy!" Julz: "Mommy, help!"
It's not a breeze taking Jaden to these places. For one, the place is noisy! Then we have to take turns lifting a heavy Jaden so he can shoot the balls into the hoop (you can't shoot the ball for him -- the boy has to do it!).

But it's all good. The glee in Jaden's face makes it all worth it! :)
Happy baby = happy daddy & mommy!
Julz and I are extremely grateful that we can give our son occasional treats like this that really make him so happy. He's a little boy only for a time, and we intend to enjoy these years!

Friday, February 17, 2012

How We Spent V-Day

Parts I, II, and III of our "love story" are up already. I know I did the right thing by posting them on valentine season because it's been getting a lot of hits! Haha. Mushy talaga mga tao ngayon! :P

I'm still on the fence about writing about what came next -- the wedding and all that shiz. It's a nice way to "complete" the story, right? But I have soooooo many wonderful memories of our wedding that THAT story might have to be broken in parts too! Nobela na ito. Whaddayathink?

In the meantime, here are snippets of my Valentine's Day. We did nothing OA -- Julz and I agreed that we'll have time to celebrate later on (we're going on our 3rd honeymoon!). So chillax lang kami last Tuesday.

After work (major undertime to avoid horrendous traffic), I picked up my other handsome date. We went to the most romantic place EVER. SM Supermarket. Hehe.

He didn't last long in this cart
He wanted to pick his own goods for himself! (Take note of his kalat!)
He dropped his Doritos and smiled when he saw I was taking his photo. Hehe.

It was backbreaking to be running after him the whole time we were doing the groceries! To think I had his yaya and our househelp with us! Three adults and just one kid! And we were EXHAUSTED. Jaden kept running...and so we kept running too. Eh kung ma-hit and run sya ng mga carts don?!

Whenever he'd stopped for stuff that he wants to get (like Doritos, candies, Minute Maid juice, diapers, shampoo, etc), he'd make a mess first before digging up the item he fancies from the innermost shelves. Don't ask me why -- di ko rin maisip bakit yung nasa dulo pa yung gusto niya!

We got home a couple of hours later. Para naman masabi na special din ang v-day namin, I decided I myself should cook dinner! Not that I'm great in the kitchen... minsan lang kasi ako magluto, kaya special ;)

I whipped up Julz's favorite white chicken with ginger sauce, and made his trademark order mango smoothie. Jaden had his usual sinigang.

I think the 3 of us were pretty satisfied :)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Soon-to-be Mister & Missus: Our Story (Part III)

Julz and I were together as boyfriend and girlfriend for over a year. It was a time in my life that I was perfectly happy and content (and so not worried that this boy might just break my heart).

We were as steady as steady can be. We had our fights, yes, but not of the kind that would make you feel that World War 3 was imminent. There was never a time that either of us considered or threatened to break up the relationship -- and to my mind, that is a testament to our maturity and the quality of our relationship.

So it made a lot of sense that when Julz asked me to marry him, I said yes.

I wrote about his proposal a few days after it happened. To give you the unadulterated story, I am re-posting it here, unedited :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

When The Pot Found Its Tea: Our Story (Part II)

We became a couple, officially, on December 17, 2007, while we were driving along Imelda Avenue to go to my block Christmas party. How un-romantic! But so typical of us -- to this day, many of our significant conversations happen while we're on the road. It's probably something about the car aircon. Nakaka-talino siguro yon :P

Anyway. Like most couples, before that fateful night, we were "unofficially" together.

Thank God the traffic was horrible that evening, so we got the chance to talk about our status (the proverbial "Ano ba tayo?" question), once and for all. It went something like this:

A: Uy guess what? Nakausap ko si Jess kanina!
B: (Excited) Talaga? Ano sabi?
A: Tinanong ba naman ako kung tayo na!
B: Ano sabi mo?
A: Edi yes.
B: Ah ok... (Tameme pero halatang kinilig)

O diba. Mejo unilateral agreement ang dating. Parang na-estop lang si B! :))
12.17.07: It's official!
By this time, my family and friends knew who Julz was, and his side knew who I was as well. In fact, I'm convinced some already "knew" we were a couple even before we ourselves knew!

More importantly, we knew a lot about each other. We've pretty much learned the good and bad about ourselves when we made it official. He knew I wasn't a meek girl and that I had the capacity to infuriate him. Hehe. Me, I knew he wasn't the type who'd say sorry at the first drop of (OA) tears.

But we clicked. We always had so much fun together and, well, with him, the world seemed to make a lot of sense :)

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Before The Pot Found Its Tea: Our Story (Part I)

Since it's the month of lurrve, I've decided to indulge my husband (and some readers too) by writing this cheesypaloozah post!

It must be said that I intend this to be the most candid account of our love story. Okay? Are you ready? :P

Julz and I met in 2006 while we were both studying to be lawyers. How we had time for flirting, I don't know. We both claim to have started wanting to be just friends. (Pero sure ako crush niya ko talaga nun! Secret lang! Hehe)

Anyway, although we were in the same school, we didn't exactly know each other.  I was your typical goody-two-shoes who went to school from home, and home to school. I kept to my small circle of friends and didn't go out a lot. In short, limited exposure!

It so happened that one of my classmates was friends with Julz. He asked her if there was someone in her block na, and I quote, "Single na maganda". Mabuti nalang at ok ang taste ni Friend and so she brought my name up. Naturally, being in the age of information technology, Julz looked me up on the net. No, not Facebook. Friendster! FRIENDSTER!!! Hahaha. So last decade.

And there he saw his girl of his dreams. Nyahaha. Ok. Ok. Since this is a candid account, I will reform: And there he saw my profile photo which, thankfully, captured my best angle in perfect lighting! So with his friend request, he sent a short message (something about how it's weird we don't know each other considering how small the UP Law population was).
The seredipitous Friendster photo that piqued Julz's interest.
I approved his request several days after. The lag wasn't because pakipot ako. Dahil iyon sa wala kaming internet sa student condo namin. Hahaha. Backward lang ang peg.

I also sent a reply to his message. Little did I know that that exchange would start a string of emails about law school chismis :P

This all happened during the Christmas break. Before school resumed, we already saw each other once (He traveled to my favorite neighborhood mall in Alabang from Antipolo. Dahil assuming ako, in-assume ko na para sakin yun effort niya. Haha. AKO NA!). We also became regular textmates. Yes, again, BACKWAAARD!!! Wala pang BBM and Globe Duo nun.

By the time we went back to school, we were like old friends. For the next several months, that's what we were. Though Julz pretty much kept his chickboy activities from me, my eyes were wide open with the truth that he wasn't obsessively focused on me. Ang dami kaya niyang girlaloos nun! :))

For the record, I didn't take issue with that. Ang motto ko nun, "Kung ayaw mo, wag mo!" Hahaha.  But the attraction and chemistry were there... and so eventually, we kinda fell into the When-Harry-Met-Sally philosophy: A girl and a boy, together, cannot be just friends.

Gradually, I noticed the mounting attention thrown my way. Julz was always oh-so-thoughtful, but this time, I thought the concern was extraordinary. This was FULL attention he was giving me. So I reciprocated. We found ourselves exclusively dating for a few months.

In December, after a year of being "just friends" and about 3-4 months of exclusive dating, we decided to put an official label on our status.

Kami na! :)

Monday, February 06, 2012


I just had my 1st session of ventosa treatment! It's so darn good!!!

Hindi po ako ang nasa photo. Hehe.
Ventosa treatment is a therapy that uses glass cups that create suction on different accupoints on the back. Traditionally, candles are set on your back to be covered by the cups (like in the photo). In my case, my therapist used modern cups which didn't require heat for the suction. (I wasn't sure how I felt about this. On one hand, I was looking forward to getting the traditional treatment; but on the other, I was relieved that there's no fire involved anymore.) Anyway, the vacuum created inside the glass lifts the skin and increases blood circulation. It supposedly removes muscle spasm and tissue congestion.

I've been meaning to try this for the longest time. Like, since law school. But I was too sissy. The treatment always came with a "warning" that I'll be sporting circles on my back days after. So I thought it was painful!

But then my back has been clamoring for an intensive therapy already. Ang yaman ko na sa "lamig"! I felt I needed a treatment that went beyond deep relaxation. That criteria took my favorite hot stone massage out of the picture. Oh well.

I booked a 1.5-hour ventosa session to done at home. (I used to be picky with spa ambiance, but now, keri na kahit saan ako magpa-masahe!) My therapist came on time, plugged in the music (bonggels!), lit the aromatherapy candles (bonggels again!), and started the treatment.

She put the cups on one side of my back. I was surprised that the suction didn't hurt. Not at all! I actually liked the sensation of little points of pressure on my back. She then left the cups for about 10-20 minutes (lost track of time!) and proceeded to doing a swedish massage on my right leg. After that, she released the cups and... MAJOR MUSCLE RELIEF!!!

She did the same to the other side of my back. Haay, heaven! I felt 1 million times lighter! And I'm not exaggerating. Talagang gusto kong ipaulit yung procedure. Pero baka OA naman diba? The rest of our therapy time, I was given a lovely, relaxing swedish massage. Winner! That night, I slept wonderfully!

My back did get the circles, but it's nothing to keep you from trying ventosa... well, unless everyday ka nagba-backless! :P

So now ventosa is on my favorite spa treatments next to hot stone massage! Yay, at least mas mura ito. Hehehe :) They say i should try the traditional hilot too. Bilang masunurin na tao, i-ta-try ko talaga yan. Abangan!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

At Dinner

And someone was so happy to have peking duck! :)

Wowo John, Boss Jaden, Wowa Lisa
After a trip to Timezone, Jaden gobbled up his bowl of peking duck 3rd way
Then played peek-a-boo with the table napkin
He's on a big chair na! *sigh* how time flies!
Happy birthday, Papa! We love you!
The mandatory couple shot! My handcrafted jade-and-amethyst necklace says hi! :)
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