Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wickedly Wicked!

I don't sing, dance, or act, but I am a big fan of theater. I thank my parents for this, for exposing me to doses of culture here and there at a young age.

Last Sunday, I had the privilege of watching my favorite musicale: WICKED!
Fantastic show. If you could watch only one musicale in your life, WICKED is it!

This is honestly a dream come true (kahit mababaw hehe) for me because ever since I saw the play in Singapore two years ago, I have been constantly wishing to watch it again and share the experience with my husband.

I'm absolutely thrilled that he now understands why I fell in love with Wicked, why its OST is forever on loop on my iPhone, and why I am praying that one day, we get to see the Broadway cast perform it ;)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Photobooth Craziness

Every time my son sees me working on my laptop, he would ask to sit on my lap and do this:
Yes, may pagka-photobooth addict 'tong anak ko! He even knows how to open the app himself and take photos on his own. Hence:
Ume-emote pa eh noh?
And now, look who is copying her Kuya!
Sophia DEMANDS for this whenever the laptop is on!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy 10th Month, Sophia!

Our darling Sophia turned 10 months old today. Hooray!

Grabe, in just a couple of months, she'll be a year old! Parang ang bilis naman! 

And yet here I am, ranting about how exhausting it is to care for a baby AND work at the same time. (We have been yaya-less since Christmas!)

It's true what they say, "The days are long, but the years are short." Although in Sophia's case, wala pa ngang years! 
Merienda cena for our "Sophia the Ganda"! I made Cream of Pumpkin and Truffle Mushroom Pasta, and ordered Bonchon Wings! Star of the spread is of course, that pretty Sofia the First cake made by Swell Sweets. As you can see, our Sophia was mesmerized by it! :)
At 10 months, she already is a handful! Eating is her favorite pasttime, and she eats anything. I've fed her different foods already and she has happily accepted all. Hehe. Also, may I mention that she still nurses like a newborn?! Super frequent pa rin. Sometimes, I feel like whenever she sees me, she wants to breastfeed! Exagg lang. It's the same at night--she feeds 3-4x from 10pm to 6am. (Now you know where I got my eye bags!) 

Hindi naman sa pagdadamot, pero wini-wish ko na talaga that Sophia learns to sleep through the night. Oh how I crave for a good night's sleep!

Anyway, during the day, Sophia also likes "walking" and cruising. She sits by herself and cheerfully plays with the toys given her (mostly Kuya's toy cars and balls haha). She has developed her pincer grasp, though she has yet to learn how to put food in her mouth by herself.

She has started babbling ta-ta, ahh-te and there have been a couple of times she was able to say "mama"... to my great delight! :) 

Our pedia says she has to learn to crawl at 10 months, but my little lady boss is taking her sweet time with that. It doesn't worry me naman because I know that the only reason she hasn't mastered crawling yet is because she DETESTS tummy time. That, and because I carry her a lot. Hehehe.

At her young age, Sophia is already showing a personality all hers. Like her name, Sophia ("wise") Gabrielle ("strong"), she seems to be a smart and tough girl. Can you believe she's already assertive? I really think she'll grow up to be the kind of girl who knows what she wants and gets it! (Much like Mommy, eh?)  

These days, I get to bond a lot with my baby because without a yaya, it's been mostly just her and me. The only time in the day that we are apart is when I get my 2-hour extended shuteye in the morning and when I shower. Oh, and also when I give her to Jaden's yaya so I can play with her Kuya!
On one of our many Photobooth breaks while Mommy is working! Photoboothing is one of Sophia's favorite things to do when she sees me working on my laptop! Hehe.
My prayer is that this major bonding time will do wonders for Sophia's development. As a believer in attachment parenting, I am hoping (anticipating!) that our physical closeness, including the frequent breastfeeding, will foster a sense of security, trust, affection and love in my daughter--qualities which I know will help boost also her emotional and intellectual development.

Gosh, 10 months today. Before I know it, she'll be a toddler, then a kid, then a big kid, then a preteen... and so on. Scary... but exciting! :)

But really, I have this feeling that whenever I look at my daughter, I see and will always see the baby that I thought I almost lost, the baby that's so precious that God made her live :)

Happy 10th month, Sophia our sweetheart! Mommy's prayer for you is that you enjoy good health, live a long and happy life, get to know the Lord deeply, and fall in love with a wonderful man someday (in the very far future haha).

Family is LOVE :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wall Art

If you've been following me on Instagram, you would be familiar with this post:
This photo was captioned: "Huli ka! And so Jaden explains, 'I'm coloring our house because it's not nice. It's not colorful. Diba, Mom?'"

It garnered a lot of likes on both Instagram and on my personal Facebook page. 

What I failed to mention was that, after I took this shot, he widely beams at me and excitedly asks: "Do you like it, Mom?" Haha. How could I say no?! 

So I did say, "Uhmm... Yeah... A little." I guess my toddler sensed my apprehension, because he immediately replies with, "OK! More colors!" Wahhh!! :))

His "work of art" is still on our wall. I haven't had it cleaned yet. Unlike many moms, I am actually amused whenever I see it. I am reminded of the excitement in Jaden's eyes and the funny moment we shared. It's makes a pretty cute anecdote, right? :)

This is why I'm not very OC about these things. Walls can be cleaned and re-painted, but nothing can take the place of giggles and laughter and joy. Happy memories.

You see, long before Jaden thought of scribbling on our walls, I've decided that our house will be a happy home. If that means scribbles and doodles all over, so be it! 

Who knows, it might even foster creativity and artistry (something I sorely lack!) in my kids! ;)

Monday, January 20, 2014

The 5 Things No One Tells You About Breastfeeding

I am a breastfeeding mom and believer. Allow me to make that clear before anything else.
PROUD MILKIN' MOM. I breastfeed and pump milk everywhere. In the photos above, I was in the Big Dome for an Ateneo game; and the other one shows me at The Spa right before my massage!

So, if you're here in search of "junk" about breastfeeding, then I'm sorry, you are in the wrong place :)

I am writing this for moms-to-be who are deciding whether or not to breastfeed; for the moms who are new to breastfeeding; for moms who are currently breastfeeding; for the support group of these moms; and most especially, for me. We all need to know the truth about breastfeeding.

Yes, we've memorized by heart the benefits of BF. We've even learned the different positions of nursing, navigated our way through various breastpumps and milk storages, and maybe browsed through Kellymom and COANM for added knowledge.

But I bet very few, if at all, have told you that bad days happen to breastfeeding moms and babies. You read that right: bad days. The truth is, even though BF is the natural way of feeding your child, it is not free from challenges.

It's sad whenever these challenges blindside a mom and consequently discourage her from continuing breastfeeding. I write this not to scare moms. Rather, I am hoping I could bring awareness to these issues and help nursing moms prepare and conquer the hard truths about breastfeeding.

1. It will take a lot of your time. There's no time cap for feeding sessions. Whoever told you that feeding thirty minutes every two hours will keep your precious baby full is, uhmm, inaccurate (to put it mildly). Newborns are particularly famous for feeding as long as an hour every hour. When you begin expressing milk, you will need 15-20 minutes every 2-3 hours a day. It doesn't matter whether you're direct feeding or expressing milk, you will drop anything you're doing to get the milk flowing.

2. It will share your most personal space: your body. When you decide to BF, you give up part of yourself--your body-- to share with your child. Think of it as an extension of your pregnancy in that your body is as much yours as it is your baby's. Therefore, the choices you make regarding your health, your diet, your lifestyle will naturally affect your baby.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014


Happy Tuesday, everyone! How's your first full week of the year going? 

Mine is going wonderfully! Not perfect, but I'm loving it!

I've been happily productive since yesterday (actually, since December 26... But that's a different story, not to mention a different year! Haha). And, save for my tardiness at our sisters' brunch today, I have been able to keep my 2014 resolutions.

Can you guess where we ate? ;))

Going back... Yes oh yes, Miss-I-Don't-Make-New-Year's-Resolutions has joined the bandwagon of New Year "Resolvers"! ;)
(This is what happens when the previous year has been a MAJOR learning experience)

What's great about my resolutions this year is that I have a partner who can actually police me! Wala nang iba pa but my supportive partner in everything, Mister Teapot! :) 

I really intend to follow through my list. I even have penalties for myself if I break one rule or resolution. Example, since i was late today, I had to pay a fine to my police. These "fines" will go to our kids' savings accounts. (Hopefully, though, we won't make much because that would mean failure of my resolutions.)

I'm not ready to reveal my list yet, but here's a tip for those who want to do this too: Keep your resolutions specific and doable. 

Mahirap yung "Be more organized." Or "Don't be lazy." I think stating it more concretely will help you get the job done. Example, "File all bills in separate folders." Or "Read everyday." 

This way, you get an actual plan of action to get to being organized or being productive :) 

What are your other tips for an achievable resolutions list? :)

Friday, January 03, 2014

2014's Color of the Year (and my Faith Goal)

Pantone has declared Radiant Orchid as the Color of the Year for 2014. I love love love this choice because I am a fan of purple and because I'm liking "Radiant" in its name!

Radiant means "to send out light; shining or glowing brightly". When used to describe a person, it means he or she is "clearly emanating great joy, love, or health".

This is what I want my 2014 to be!

By faith, I claim that our home will be full of radiance and that my husband, kids, and I will clearly emanate great joy, love, and health.

Above all, I am believing for radiance that reflects God's glory and love on our lives.

I'm so excited!

Happy and radiant 2014 to everyone!!! :)

"Forget the former things;
do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a NEW thing!"
Isaiah 43:18,19

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