Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What I've Been Up To

Hi everyone! I've missed you all!

It's been a hectic month for me. My days are filled to the last hour, and so weeks just go by like a blur. It's crazy but I'm happy :)

After our annus horribilis (channeling Queen Elizabeth there!), it feels like things are finally falling into place. How wonderful it is to wake up every morning, with much gratitude for life, family, and even the smallest things that I would've easily taken for granted if not for the lessons of 2013.

More on that next time.

I'm pressed for time right now, so lemme just give you a glimpse of what's been keeping me out of the blogosphere for the past three weeks!

1. Sophia's 1st Birthday Party
I like celebrating my kids' birthdays (more than mine--I am known to just have dinner out with family) because I always feel that there is so much to be thankful for and "party about" when my son or daughter turns one year older. 

For Sophia, I wanted nothing less than a picture-perfect party. But I also did not want to break the bank for it. Solution: super mega planning!! Hehe. One whole month before our daughter's birthday, Julz and I agreed on a budget, and off I went to Divi and Etsy to get supplies. After that, three weeks akong gupit ng gupit ng invites, tags, cards, etc! Hehehe! I also enlisted the help of Sweet Nest Candy Buffet to make sure that everything will come together beautifully!

The result:
Sophia's Vintage Carnival :) Will spill the details soon!

2. Home Decor & Improvement
After a year in Casa Esquivias, I've spotted areas which need more sprucing up in terms of functionality and design. As soon as the repairs in our house were finished, I embarked on the challenging but exciting quest of making our place more liveable and homey for my husband and children.

The first few changes:
This area is more functional than it looks! That cabinet you see is actually a big, tastefully-designed shoe cabinet!  To make sure this area doesn't smell like rubber and leather (hehe), I put odour-busting, air-cleaning indoor plants (that's a money tree and fortune plant right there) and my favorite kind of air purifier/humidifier from Airoma. The bird cage... well, it's for when Jaden gets his wish of catching a Maya. Hehehe ;)
I've always wondered what to do with that shelf above our TV. It's too high to be anything functional,
so I just played around with it. The charming storage mini-drawers actually work, though! :)

3. Sophia's Passport + Earrings
Before she turned one, we got Sophia her first passport! And just so she can travel the world in style, we got her ears pierced too!
We're ready to see the world!

4. My Mommy Buddies Group
Last March 11, I opened our home to my wife/mommy friends :) We resolved to meet every week for prayer and support! I find that I get excited every time we see each other because there's always a lot to talk about and share! To guide our kwentuhan and to ground ourselves to Biblical truths, we follow the discussion in a book called The Power of a Praying Wife :) I've been a happier wife ever since!

5. Work
Doors of opportunity are opening up to us and I am just beyond grateful. Thank You, Lord, for work and for the sense of fulfilment that it brings me and my husband!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Daddy is the Boss

Lately, Julz has been practicing a sorta-kinda tough love on Jaden by telling him not to cry, particularly over small things.

I didn't realize how well our toddler could process things like this until one day...

I was driving and Jaden was beside me. He noticed I had a cut on my arm.

Jaden: "Mom, what's that?"
Me: "Oh, it's a wound."

He starts to touch it.

Me: "Don't touch it! It's ouchie!"

I pretended to cry.

Jaden: "Mom!!!! Don't cry!!! Daddy doesn't like crying!!!"

(March 7, 2014. Jaden at 3.5 years old)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Leap Today

Among my 2013 Faith Goals was to gather a group of women for prayer and support. The Lord faithfully responded by planting the same seed in my girl friends' hearts and so now we regularly get together for Bible Study with our respective husbands.

I thought God was "done" with that until one day, I realized that my heart was yearning for something more. Then I remembered that once upon a time, I made a promise to myself that when the Lord blesses my family with a house of our own, I will open our doors to be a venue for prayer and blessings to others.

And so today, almost a whole year since moving in, I took a big leap of faith in opening my home to a women's prayer & support group.

I am both nervous and excited starting this endeavor. I am not a trained Bible teacher or prayer group leader, but I do know that my heart sincerely longs to be with fellow wives/mothers/women so that I can hear their stories, and pray for & with them. 

I am so grateful that this has finally happened. I just know that wonderful things are in store for praying wives & mommies :)

If you or a friend is interested in joining, please message me via mobile or email. I'd be glad to tell you more about this :)

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Why I May Never Travel Alone Again

Several nights ago, in Davao, Jaden and I took a stroll just outside our hotel in Abreeza. He was in good spirits being in a new place with the whole family. He loved the experience so much that, at one point, he exclaimed, "I want to live here!!!"

Anyway, I pounced on the opportunity to ask permission from him if I could go on another trip. Here's our conversation as I remembered it:

Me: "Jaden, can I go to the province again next time?"
Jaden: "With me or without me?"
M: "Without you. Just me."
J: "Oh. No."
M: "Why?"
J: "I'll be sad."
M: "Really? What do you feel when you're sad?"
J: "I want to cry."
M: "Oh... Why?"

I didn't know what else to say. I was ready to let go of the subject when my little gifted talker floored me with his response:

J: "Because... Because Daddy's not perfect! We meed you!"

Jaden's Hold Departure Order

(February 22, 2014. Jaden at 3.5 years old)

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Better Than a Bedtime Story

I was reading my son his bedtime story when, after I glanced at him, I noticed he looked extra pensive. A moment later, he said, "Excuse me, Mom. I want to say something... You know, I will never ever leave Smartie." 

It was the second time today that Jaden said that. By that, I know he truly meant that he will always be there to protect his sister. I hugged and thanked him for being such a good Kuya. He has always been so protective of our little girl--just as how Julz and I prayed for when we learned I was pregnant for the second time.

After this, I continued reading his story. Jaden, on the other hand, kept the thoughtful look on his face. 

When I paused in my reading, I looked up to him. Then my 3 year old, with all seriousness, said:

"I love you, Mommy. I will never ever leave you, too."

(March 6, 2014. Jaden at 3.5 years old)
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